Sass Pordoi


I created this short video on a cloudy day, but the beauty of this mountain has no equal and expressed itself in a unique and enchanting atmosphere.

The Sass Pordoi or Sasso Pordoi is a relief of the Dolomites, in the Sella mountain group. It is the most advanced spur south of the entire Sella Group, with a summit consisting of a wide plateau, tilted to the North-West; it presents in vertiginous slopes on three sides overlooking Val Lastìes, Pian de Schiavanèis and Passo Pordoi.

Sass Pordoi is called the terrace of the Dolomites due to its characteristic shape. On the southern side, in fact, it has an overhang of 800 m, with a slope even higher than 80%. On the northern side, however, the relief slopes slowly

Shot with DJI Mavic Pro drone and Panasonic Lumix G80 camera. Post production FCPX with Luma effect. Music The XX. “Intro”.

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