“King Laurin” reign


I created this video in the Dolomites after a fantastic tour to tell the story of King Laurin and make known the mountains of his kingdom.

One of the most enchanting legends of the Dolomites, explains why these mountains, at sunset, are tinged with pink.
According to this legend, in the “basin” of the Catinaccio, there was the “rose garden of King Laurino”. That’s why in German the Catinaccio is called Rosengarten, that is, Rose Garden.
King Laurino reigned over a people of dwarves digging in the bowels of the mountain in search of crystals, silver and gold and also possessed two magical weapons: a belt that provided him with a force equal to that of twelve men and a hood that made him invisible.
One day the king of the Adige decided to marry the beautiful daughter Similde and for this reason invited all the nobles of the district to a trip in May, all except King Laurino. He decided then to participate anyway, but as an invisible guest.
When on the field of the knightly tournament he saw Similde, struck by her stupendous figure, he fell in love with her instantly, he loaded her on his horse and fled. The fighters immediately launched in pursuit to bring back Similde, siding shortly in front of the Rose Garden. King Laurino then put on his belt, which gave him the strength of twelve men and threw himself into the fight. When he realized that in spite of everything he was about to succumb, he put on his cape and hopped around in the garden, convinced he was not seen. But the knights managed to spot it by observing the movement of the roses under which Laurino tried to hide. They grabbed him, cut off his magic belt and imprisoned him.
Laurino, irritated by the adverse fate, turned to the Rosengarten, who had betrayed him and threw him a curse: neither by day nor by night any human eye could have admired him. Laurino, however, forgot the sunset and so it happens that the Catinaccio, both at sunset and at dawn, colors like a garden of unparalleled beauty.

Shot with DJI Mavic Pro and Lumix G – Panasonic

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